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Friday, July 11, 2014

Six Simultaneous Product/Project Launches - 100% On-Time

We’re exceptionally proud of our team’s recent accomplishments. While many brokers and shippers have been struggling with capacity issues since the brutal winter months, Tucker’s been putting up record volume numbers, fulfilling huge surges in capacity demands. During the months of April and May, and into June, Tucker simultaneously coordinated six (6!) major product launches and/or project launches for multiple customers. Our activity doubled normal and expected volume, for weeks. We didn’t miss a beat.

One launch supported was the largest of its kind product launch, with multiple security and early/late delivery tripwires. Our team was 100% on-time in support of this project. Additionally, Tucker’s team moved 100% of the loads offered us, 100% on-time. Plus, we were 100% with emergencies, including covering those commitments our competition couldn’t fulfill.  The other five project launches consisted of hundreds more truckloads, with a variety of security, communication, collaboration needs, many of which required carefully coordinated sequential delivery.

We’re grateful to our customers for the opportunities, and for working hard to co-design systems to navigate the difficult trucking environment, making the “capacity crunch” a non-event.  We’re grateful to our carriers, for providing everything we needed, and for committing the right resources. As we’ve seen, leveraging those strong relationships, with strategic, careful  planning can create capacity under any and all market conditions.
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