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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

America's #1 Soccer Mom Was First A Great Logistician

Team USA soccer goalie Tim Howard became world famous years ago, and achieved “rock star” status in America this summer, for his outstanding performance in the FIFA World Cup. So ardent are his fans that he was briefly shown as the current United States “Secretary of Defense” on Wikipedia!

Long before there was a Tim Howard, there was Esther Howard—Tim’s mom. Esther was a dedicated Tucker customer for many years, until her retirement a couple years back. We remember Esther as a delightful and wonderful person, a great communicator, great customer, and as someone who regularly balanced the needs of her customers, suppliers and her organization. She remained a student of the market and industry until her retirement.

It’s wonderful to see Esther now on television interviews. Her friends at Tucker have been behind Esther and her famous son, and his team all along. We wish both of them continued health, happiness and success.