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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Need Capacity? No Problem. Seriously. Give Us A Call.

What makes Tucker different? We may be the only broker in America who doesn’t use owner operators directly. We only use small, mid and large sized fleets. Most of the big guys have made it their mission to be among the best assemblers and marketplaces for owner operators to bid on posted loads. Nothing against owner operators, but Tucker’s business plan provides for long term sustainability, relationship building and leveraging, and for providing waves of extremely reliable capacity. 

If you’re dealing with a broker, or looking to add brokers or carriers to your mix, you are probably harming your chances to add capacity with every phone call or RFP you make.  To that you might say, “But Tucker, that doesn’t make any sense.”   Let’s see …

Adding another broker (that isn’t Tucker) keeps you churning in owner operator pools. You might get some loads covered, but you’ll likely never see that driver. You might get a lot of loads dropped for better pay. That’s not capacity. It’s not sustained. It’s not necessarily safe.  Chances are the driver demanded a cash advance from the broker. It’s not a foundation. It’s a bandage, at best.  

In stark contrast, Tucker deals only with fleets --- small, medium and large. Our carriers are seeking long-term solutions to their imbalances, and work closely with our team to solve both your issues and theirs. They value Tucker, our reputation, and our customers. They bend, borrow and contort to ramp up capacity for us. When they’re primary on a lane, they’re like clockwork. When they sense they can move from backup to primary, they’re motivated.  

Consider making that call to Tucker today. You and your customers will be glad you did.