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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tucker Affiliate QualifiedCarriers.com Launches New Service

Several years ago, Tucker’s consulting services division was spun off from Tucker Company Worldwide, incorporated as a separate entity, and introduced an internet subscription tool called QualifiedCarriers.com to help shippers better vet, qualify and manage the motor carriers and brokers they hire.

Last month, QualifiedCarriers.com fulfilled its namesake promise with a major software upgrade and service offering. The new upgrade allows shippers and brokers to automatically qualify, and disqualify carriers, not just based on USDOT data, but also on just about any criteria a shipper can imagine (for example, the amount of the carrier’s cargo insurance, whether the carrier has signed a standard operating procedure, or has a hazmat registration permit). The upgrade also allows shippers a single and secure location in which to electronically store all required documents to verify these criteria. Wait, there’s more! The software provides built-in workflows designed to keep these documents current, automatically!

There is no other subscription service available that provides this comprehensive risk management tool. Congratulations QualifiedCarriers.com!