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Monday, December 30, 2013

Over-Dimensional Shipment Travels Through 3 States to Cross Pennsylvania

For all of our five decades, Tucker has been a specialist in over-dimensional shipments, often referred to as “project cargo” or in some larger instances, “superloads.” In fact, through the 1960s, Tucker’s business was focused exclusively on supporting rigging companies by providing heavy-haul truckers, as plants in the Northeast were dismantled and moved West or South. Today, we still arrange plenty of these shipments.

The shipment in this photo is a “water seal” that we arranged last month. The load was only 35,000 lbs., but the dimensions were 35’ long and 14’ diameter—way over width and height, too. Police escorted the load door-to-door, plus a wrecker was required to gently assist the tractor and trailer to maneuver over a hump in the shipper’s driveway.

The load moved from western Pennsylvania to the Philadelphia area—a driving distance of 284 miles. Due to permitting, roadway clearances and other state and federal restrictions, the load took 5 days to move, and needed to traverse through three other states! It left the manufacturer in Western PA then traveled to West Virginia, through Maryland, then Delaware, finally arriving safely and on-time near Philadelphia.