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Thursday, February 18, 2016

CSA Scores Removed from View

On December 4, 2015, President Obama signed into law the FAST Act, the first multi-year surface transportation highway bill in a decade.  It’s a five-year authorization to fund federal surface transportation programs, like the repairing and building of highways, bridges roads, etc.  States can now proceed with projects, with some certainty that funds will be available. 

Specific to shippers, brokers and carriers, the FAST Act also corrected FMCSA, the administration within USDOT charged with truck and bus safety.  As required by the FAST Act, FMCSA removed from public view much of the data generated by the CSA program, including: analysis of violations, crashes where the motor carrier or driver is not at fault, CSA alert symbols, and the relative percentiles for each BASIC score. 

Tucker Company Worldwide, and its affiliate QualifiedCarriers.com, have both consistently advocated for years that publicly facing CSA data is flawed and conveys unintended, unreliable information that shippers and brokers should not use as part of their carrier selection criteria. Congress and the President finally agreed! This represents a big win for shippers, brokers, carriers, and the motoring public.