Tucker Blog

Friday, September 12, 2014

Tucker's Different. Here's Why.

Tucker’s mission in life is simple—be the nation’s best, most professional broker and forwarder. We’ve spent three generations of family business dedicated to this goal. We hope to work closer with more of our carrier friends, and want to give you some reasons to consider why it’s smart business for you to consider doing just that. Here are a few things that differentiate us:
  • We're the oldest privately held freight broker in America.
  • We pay our carrier bills - even when a shipper doesn't pay us.
  • We pay our dues - we're active members of ATA, TIA, NITL, and NASSTRAC. Knowing the issues helps us make happier customers and carriers.
  • We have long-term customers - some of whom have been with us for 50+ years!
  • Our staff has an average longevity of over 13 years, with several exceeding 20+.
  • We seek to solve your imbalance issues and our customers needs.