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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Do You Want An In-House Carrier You Can Trust? Call Tucker.

One of our largest customers is one of the world’s largest carriers! Tucker is looking for three to five great carriers with whom to establish a partnership agreement, where Tucker would serve as your “in-house” freight broker. The goal is to maximize your revenues, and keep your customers from going elsewhere. Tucker Company Worldwide’s system is robust, strong and established. 

  • We're the oldest privately held broker in the U.S.
  • We have more than the FMCSA required $75,000 bond.
  • Carriers who broker without a broker bond and license face a $10,000 fine per transaction, thanks to MAP-21. Trip-leasing isn't brokering.
  • We'll sign confidentiality agreements and non-back solicitation agreements. Plus, we'll ensure the carriers we use do the same.
  • We understand trust. We understand commitment. We understand brokerage.

We’re very different than most brokers in many ways. One important advantage is that we deal mostly with small and mid-size fleets, but not owner operators. It gives us a capacity advantage, and a measure of trust in our relationships that makes a difference. 

If you are interested in talking, please contact us at 800-229-7780.