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Monday, July 21, 2014

Trouble Covering Loads? You're Not Alone. Four Simple Solutions.

According to the DAT® Freight Index – April 2014, “spot market freight volume continued to trend well above historic norms in April, up 51% from the same month in 2013.”  We sense demand for trucks is at an all-time high, rivaling or surpassing the nightmarish 2003-4. 

You can’t fight 2014 problems with 2013 approaches. This world doesn’t look anything like it did. Success in 2014 requires organizational strategic and tactical shifts within shippers. It requires assembling all stakeholders, including department heads, sales and customer service, and buyers as a start. A little education and small, meaningful and sustained strategic shifts add hours to the day, and days to the month. 

Tucker’s four (4) simple concepts to combat capacity issues are battle tested. They worked in 2003-4, last winter, and they’re working beautifully today for customers who are engaged. It can be the difference between lost orders and hitting goal; or between satisfied or angry customers.  Success is possible. We can help you be successful, but we need to be talking and planning now. 

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