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Monday, December 23, 2013

How Do You Feel About Your Broker Advancing Cash to Drivers Hauling Your Freight?

Many, many freight brokers regularly use wire-services to pay drivers a portion of the cost of your load, while they’re hauling your freight! Ask yourself, are you comfortable with this?

Here’s why you might not be: 1) a carrier asking for advance payment directly to the driver is likely undercapitalized, living hand to mouth, which may jeopardize public safety and the safety of your freight; 2) when a driver already has cash in hand, the driver’s motivation to drive with care and get paid for a job well done is lowered; 3) money-wiring to drivers is very risky business, rife with opportunities for fraud, extortion and theft; 4) The broker itself may have poor credit with the carrier, which could be the reason for the advance.

For 53 years, Tucker has worked diligently to earn credit terms with licensed motor carrier fleets and owner operators who issue credit. We do not advance cash to drivers. While any firm reserves the right to not extend credit for any reason it chooses, we believe a carrier’s ability to routinely operate on credit indicates a level of business competence and maturity that we believe makes a positive impact on our service to our customers.

Don’t risk it. If you wouldn’t pay up-front cash to a driver to haul your product, don’t let a broker do it. Call Tucker.