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Monday, November 5, 2012

Tucker Enhances Secured Carrier Program - Serving High Security Freight

Many of our customers ship high value and high security cargo, like pharmaceuticals, energy industry items, military materials, electronics and the like. Standards of care, or standard operating procedures, 20, 50, 70+ pages long, accompany contracts that are just as specific. The majority of those customers consider Tucker as the only broker or
3PL they trust with their freight, because we get it right.

In addition to our experience in carrier selection, enhanced by our CEO’s chairing TIA’s Carrier Selection Committee,
we collaborate with the best minds in the business, and utilize the best carriers, too. Smart people wrote our customers’ SOCs, so we take great pains to understand them, and build our system to handle them from a service standpoint. Then we find highly performing, trusted carriers to execute the transportation. Today, we have 52 of our highest performing
and customer focused carriers as part of our Secured Carrier Program™.

We have never lost a load, and we want to keep it that way. Do you have theft, service or performance problems with your freight carriers? Please call us: 800.229.7780.