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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tucker's Managed LTL Program Hugely Popular

Our fastest growing and most popular service for shippers is what we call our “Managed LTL Program.” Many of our customers and prospective customers have grown weary of dealing with LTL discounts, general rate increases, comparing discounts and net costs between companies, comparing routings, and dealing with claims. In short, they’re looking for simplicity and savings, and we’re delivering.
One customer recently told us that one particular LTL carrier damages about 10-20% of the product they receive, so they scrap the freight, don’t file a claim, and get a credit from their supplier. Our Managed LTL Program folks are working with this customer to (a) identify its true costs, including freight, time, resources, disposal and loss of sale; and (b) establish pricing with carrier(s) that value its freight, and can handle it without damage; and (c) establish customer service procedures that save the customer time, but more closely monitor performance; and (d) save money. 

Do you ship $100,000 to $1,000,000 of LTL freight? Do you experience any of the issues above? Please call us and ask to speak with a sales representative about our Managed LTL Programs.