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Friday, October 28, 2011

Earthquake, then Hurricane Irene Test Tucker’s Emergency Operations

For nearly 30 years, Tucker has been honored to be trusted relied on as a first responder, supporting the United States military, FEMA and other U.S. government agencies, and many non-governmental first responders, with emergency trucking, transportation and storage services. We’ve supported emergency relief for hurricanes, floods, tornados, the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster, and Ground Zero on 9/11, to name a few.

A few weeks ago, Tucker’s own emergency preparedness was put through a tough test, when Hurricane Irene was predicted to strike our area directly. Our team prepared and performed admirably, with members from operations, sales and senior management preparing during the days before the storm, going through emergency preparedness, and preparing backups to our backup plans.

While our area was close to Irene’s eye, and we experienced major flooding and some wind damage, amazingly our office never lost electricity or phone service. Business crisis averted! Just a few of our team members lost power at home for up to a couple days. As with every experience, we’ve identified some opportunities for improvement that we’re already pursuing.

As far as natural disasters go, New Jersey is generally insulated from most (Housewives of New Jersey and Jersey Shore television shows, noted). Tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes are exceedingly rare here. Last month, we had all three hit in the same week. Thankfully, our teamwork prepared us well.