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Friday, July 30, 2010

CSA 2010: Shippers at Risk – Get Control of Your Carrier Data

If you are a shipper today, chances are your company may be at significant risk for liability due to a truck accident, regardless of your contractual indemnity clauses with your motor carriers. Negligent hiring lawsuits and vicarious liability suits against brokers and shippers are increasingly prevalent. In November, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) will be unveiling their new CSA 2010 program to assess relative safety of commercial interstate motor carriers.

Tucker Company Worldwide is prepared for the CSA 2010 program, and for several years has taken proactive steps internally, and within the industry to evaluate carriers against Tucker’s own “fitness for use” standards. Tucker is turning away approximately 70% of motor carriers due to safety or compliance reasons.

Tucker Consulting, Inc., an affiliated and separately owned corporation is taking Tucker’s industry leading experience, and using it to provide consulting services to shippers in evaluating motor carriers for safety. Tucker Consulting has also created an easy, online subscription service that delivers to shipper customized reports each time the DOT updates safety data on your motor carriers. Tucker Consulting is also helping shippers create and audit standards of care, standard operating procedures, etc., when it comes to motor carriers.

Don’t leave your company and its assets vulnerable. If you’re not regularly evaluating carrier safety data, maintaining accurate documents and files, you’re probably squarely at risk.

For a free discussion or demonstration of this innovative tool by Tucker Consulting, please visit: www.tuckercare.com, or dial 800-889-8177.