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Friday, July 30, 2010

Add Tucker to Your Core Provider Mix Now

To say that capacity is challenged in June is an understatement. Carriers are sending empty trailers by rail to California, just to capitalize on the enormous rates being paid out of California. The real surge and peak market doesn’t hit until after the summer.

If you haven’t already, please begin making Tucker a partner in your core transport provider mix. By getting Tucker and the carriers we utilize hauling your freight now, you’ll be in a far better position when the market becomes significantly more difficult in the fall.

Why? The sooner you develop and capture additional resources, the better chance you’ll have in the Fall. Getting one of your carriers to give you a few more trucks helps. Getting a solid resource like Tucker, with outstanding relationships with hundreds of the best performing carriers helps a whole lot more.

Here’s how:
• When carriers change lanes and/or chase higher paying freight, Tucker’s customer service personnel remain serving you, and substitute in other carriers seamlessly.
• Tucker invests in maintaining positive carrier relationships during good and bad times.
• Most of Tucker’s customers during the very tough years of 2003-2006 saw no disruption of service to their customers or supply chains.
• Tucker enables your market reach to go much farther. One call to Tucker triggers hundreds of resources who meet Tucker’s fitness for use guidelines.