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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Signs of Life? Act Now to Access Capacity Tomorrow

Anecdotal evidence and our experience here at Tucker suggests that capacity is tightening up in certain freight lanes. The data agree, albeit in an “economist kind of way.” ATA reported September Truck Tonnage dropped 7.3% — the smallest year-to-year drop in almost 12 months. Most economists do not expect to see true transportation recovery until later in 2010,all of us are pleased to see small pockets of recovery, for the first time in over a year. If you are a shipper or user of motor carriers, act now to build new relationships and improve old ones. When capacity gets tight next year, it will be far too late for you to secure capacity. Act now. Tucker can help you immediately. In fact, this message has been so well received by shippers, that Tucker’s growth in new and returning customers is nearly 20 weeks ahead of last year’s pace. Many shippers are rushing to find safe, reliable and responsible carriers they can use when demand tighens. That’s our job. Call us today.