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Monday, October 20, 2008

Tucker Company CEO to run marathon

Cherry Hill, N.J. – Jeffrey Tucker, CEO of Tucker Company, Cherry Hill, N.J., has entered in the Philadelphia Marathon on November 23, 2008. He has chosen to run the marathon in order to raise funds for the Fellowship House of South Camden, New Jersey.

“I was saddened by the recent tragic story of 4-year old Brandon Thompson of Camden, who was killed instantly by a stray bullet as he was fleeing into his mother’s arms, just a few miles from where I live,” Tucker stated. “Charitable contributions will be made to the Fellowship House which ministers to South Camden’s children and adults in a number of areas including drug rehabilitation, church services and food distribution.”

Brandon Thompson was the grandson of Minister Harrison Davis, executive director of the Fellowship House. “Harrison, who humbly and quietly does his life’s work, is an outstanding, caring and giving man, who has consistently placed the health, mentoring, general safety and well-being of his neighbors above himself,” Tucker said.

Jeffrey Tucker and his wife Heather will personally match the contributions of the donations of others, up to $400, “or $500 if I’m able to run the marathon in under four hours,” Tucker added. This is his second marathon, though the first was ten years ago. Anyone interested in sponsoring Tucker’s run and supporting the Fellowship House cause, can write a check made payable to “Fellowship House” (write “Brandon Fund” in the memo field). The donation (tax deductible) should be mailed to “Brandon Fund”, c/o Jeff Tucker, Tucker Company, 900 Dudley Avenue, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002.

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