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Thursday, May 1, 2008

NOTICE TO CARRIERS: Billing Procedure Change

We need your help. We are improving billing accuracy, including our invoices to customers and carrier invoices to us. Improvement will lead to greater customer satisfaction and efficiencies for everyone involved. Please expect a letter from Tucker explaining in further detail our new billing procedures. The letter contains important new procedures and re-emphasis on existing ones. They will be fairly standard expectations, including: “Tucker PRO# and signed and legible POD” must be attached to carrier invoices; additional carrier charges that occur after a load confirmation has been accepted by the carrier must be approved by Tucker and documented in writing before the charge is incurred.

By involving our customer before charges like detention occur, we can usually address the underlying issue. Problems arise when we first learn of an accessorial charge weeks later. Details will follow. For more information, please contact Gene Wherrity, VP Operations, ext. 125.