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Thursday, May 1, 2008

The ISO Effect—Tucker’s Billing Accuracy Improves 50%

In our second management quality review meeting on 3/18/07, our President and COO, Jim Tucker revealed that, in 2007, our billing accuracy improved by over 50%! That is, more than 50% of our billing inaccuracies disappeared from pre-2007 levels. Interestingly enough we hadn’t yet implemented all of the procedure changes our Billing Accuracy Team recommended, and still achieved profound improvement.

Everyone associated with the project believes that this improvement was due to the fact that our cross-functional and cross-departmental team assembled last spring to improve billiing accuracy and, therefore, more people better understood the process and were more focused on improvement.

We are currently implementing the remainder of the recommended changes, and expect to see more improvement by adopting the efficient and streamlined approaches outlined by our improvement team.

When we adopted this quality management system, our focus was squarely on improving our ability to serve you. Our improvement iniatives will continue vigorously after achieving ISO certification so we can continuously improve our services.