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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Fourth Quarter at Tucker

The traditional fourth quarter peak season is here, and like last year within the freight shipping industry, many shippers are experiencing a less robust market than in prior years, though certain segments of the markets are quite busy. Through this time period, Tucker Company continues to grow expeditiously.

Through careful planning, great relationships with both customers and carriers, a strong team and a little bit of good luck, we are continuing our solid growth and expansion. Our expansion includes additional field offices, more office space at headquarters and hiring additional people to keep pace with our rapid growth.

We opened two new field offices in 2007. In the spring we opened a Boston, MA field office and on October 16 we began operating a branch of our Dedicated Logistics Division from our new Albany, NY field office — both field offices arestaffed by company employees. We are also hiring for two new sales positions. As we stated in prior months, Tucker’s headquarters is expanding to add roughly 50% additional space and capacity. The construction is progressing nicely and on time.

On October 3, 2007, we were pleased to welcome back Rossie Knight (formerly Grasser) from 13 months of active military duty. Rossie is a senior customer service coordinator and is now working from our Albany field office, managing service to some of our Dedicated Logistics accounts. Paige Webster joined Tucker Company as executive assistant, supporting the Tuckers and Hugh McLaughlin.

Tucker Company’s consulting business is developing nicely and is beginning to establish itself quickly as a leader in the area of motor carrier qualification; insurance and risk analysis, standard of care/contract harmonization and general risk assessment. Tucker has presented on these issues numerous times in the past year in various national venues.

Early in October, we hosted our first Carrier Appreciation Golf Outing at Riverton Country Club, here in New Jersey. It was well attended by many carriers. We had a fantastic time. After golf, most of our sales and customer service team joined everyone for dinner. It provided a chance for us to say “thank you” and for some newer members of our team to meet some of our carrier friends for the first time.

On a bittersweet note, we are left a little bit empty around the office now that Bridget Wherrity has retired to care for her family. Over her 12 years at Tucker, many countless callers of Tucker Company have gotten to know Bridget Wherrity. Among her many important and unbelievably varied duties here, it was Bridget’s voice when callers dialed “0” for assistance. People who know her, know her as a strong, sweet, caring person and a dynamic worker and team player. Congratulations and thank you, Bridget.

Sincerely yours,

Jeffrey Tucker